Three children of the late Mr. Gordon Koniepu Obua, Chief Security Officer (CSO) to former President Goodluck Jonathan, have written a “Save Our Soul” letter to President Muhammadu Buhari via Facebook. The children, Eunice Gordon Obua, Jonathan Gordon Obua and Goodluck Gordon Obua, said their birth made headlines six years ago, as they were told that they are the first set of triplets to be born in the Presidential Villa.

The letter, signed by the three children, is an anthology of woes that has befallen them since their father died on April 13, 2017.

First, the children claimed that their lives are in danger, as their uncles have been giving them and their mother a torrid time.

According to the children, their uncles are claiming that their late father had other children and wife. The kids, however, said they are only aware of a son, Akio, whom their father had before marrying their mother.

Contrary to their uncles’ claims, the added, they were the only children of Mr. Obua in attendance during his funeral at Emeyal 2 Community in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State in June. No other wife aside from their mother, they stated, was in attendance.

“All the people that attended the burial saw that we were the only children that were there with our mother. During the burial, our uncles and aunties kept us outside; they never allowed us to enter our parents’ house. They almost killed us with our mummy. Our mummy has written several letters to the Department of State Security, Police and National Security Adviser (NSA). Yet, nothing has been done. We are living in perpetual fear,” wrote the children.

Also, they claimed that their school fees have remained unpaid for two terms, a reason for which they have not been provided books by their school.

“As we write this Save Our Soul Message, our lives are in great danger. Beside the danger we are now exposed to, our two term school fees have not been paid. We feel very sad each time we are told about the school fees in the presence of our friends and classmates. We also feel bad when other children are writing but we are not given exercise books and textbooks,” they wrote.

In addition to the non-payment of their fees, the children also lamented that they currently go hungry and are homeless in Abuja, following the eviction of the family from the Department of State Security (DSS) quarters. They claimed that all their late father’s properties and money were seized by the DSS, which arrested him in 2015. He was later released because of his health challenges, but was traumatized by the experience, which led to his death.

The three children explained that they chose to reach the President via Facebook because they saw him receive some little children, who wrote letters that they wanted to visit him and he immediately sent for them last month.

They claimed ignorance of what transpired between the Federal Government and their late father, who was in service for over 30 years, adding that they should not be punished for whatever disagreement existed between the deceased and the government. The children described the President as their last hope and called on him, as the father of all Nigerians, to end their ordeal.

President Muhammadu Buhari upon arrival

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