Being one of the conclusions of the Congress of Students of Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), the students have urged the university management to rescind the ban which has been placed on all political activities on campus or risk halting academics activities on campus indefinitely.

Speaking to SaharaReporters, one of the students said that the school management had a memo signed by the Dean of Students Affairs, Dr. O. D. Adejoye placed an indefinite ban on all political activities. 

The letter which was obtained by our correspondents, dated 13th of November, 2017, also ordered that no election should be done to fill any students’ political post.

Reacting to the decision of the management, the students demanded a vivid and substantial explanation from the management to back the suspension order. The students also requested that ban on all political activities be lifted.

“At the end of the Congress, the entire students deem it fit to ask the management explicitly give reasons for the suspension of the political activities and that all elections should come up appropriately and as at when due,” a student said. 

Pondering on likely reason for such ban by the school, the students posited that the management is planning to increase tuition fee in the school starting from next academic session. The students also revealed that the ban on political activities is to clear any opposition to the proposed increments in tuition fee.

“We heard from a reliable source that the school wants to add N10,000 to the fee being paid by both new and existing students.”

“This evidently means that they ban political activities so that there will be nobody or organization to oppose the management when they implement the fee increments,” the students maintained. 

The students threatened that they will mobilize themselves and lock down the student's affairs unit, stop all transport system, and paralyze all academics activities if the management failed to give an acceptable reason for placing a ban on political activities. 

The Congress of Students also insisted that the school takes back its ban if no reason is given as the ban is an illegal and students should enjoy their inalienable right to freedom of association. 

Letter banning all political activities

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