The Police Public Relations Officer, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), Jimoh Moshood, has announced that the movement of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), has been reduced until the squad reform is perfected.

Mr. Moshood said this during a sit-down session with the police and some youth led by Mr. Korede Bello, a musician and police youth ambassador, held at the Sheraton Hotel in Lagos.

A question from Mr. Michael Ugochukwu Stephens aka Ruggedman prompted the announcement. Ruggedman had asked for specific things the police are doing concerning the various accusations raised by the people about the brutality of the anti-robbery squad.

In responding, Mr. Moshood said the squad cannot be taken off the road completely but their movement would be controlled as their operations are now centralized. He added that the squad has been unified and would be headed by a commissioner of police.

He also stated the potential danger if SARS is completely taken off the road, particularly during festive periods.

“Reform SARS is the way to go and not to end SARS. SARS has been doing very well in ensuring that robbery crime is reduced to the barest minimum in the country. However, concerns and allegations against them as a regard the violation of human rights are being investigated on the directive of the Inspector General of Police."

“The reform that he has put in place is to ensure that SARS is streamlined just as the Mobile Police Force under a unified commander at the Force headquarters who is a commissioner of police,” Mr. Mashood told pressmen after the event.

The Police PRO also announced that there is now a human rights desk where every complaint against the police or the squad can be directed to.

Jimoh Moshood with Korede Bello

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