A group of professionals and civil society activists has explained why its members decided to identify with the new political movement, Coalition for Change, which is being promoted by former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

 The group, Civil Society and Professionals Coalition for Nigeria (CSPCN), according to its spokesperson, Mr. Kayode Samuel, was represented by three members at the inauguration of the Coalition for Change in Abuja on Wednesday. The representatives were Mr Samuel, a journalist and Chief of Staff to a former governor of Ogun State; Dr. Wale Okediran, former House of Representatives member and ex-President of the Association Nigerian Authors (ANA); and Mr. Adamu Ayuba, a Bauchi-based management consultant. 

“We in the Civil Society and Professional Coalition for Nigeria (CSPCN) have decided to stand up to be counted in this mission and are ready and prepared to join hands with other concerned compatriots to bring about the Nigeria of our dreams – where life is safe and secure, livelihoods guaranteed and the people have confidence in their government,” said Mr. Samuel.

CNM members during launch at the Yar'adua Center in Abuja

He observed that the present administration has performed poorly in providing security for Nigerians and has impoverished them, ensuring the prosperity of Nigerians citizens, a state of affairs that has bred widespread uncertainty.

“Insecurity and poverty roam the land and wrack the people. This has created a climate of uncertainty and fear not just for individual Nigerians, but more critically for the entire enterprise of nation-building. Today, the country appears to have transited from the domain of bad governance to the zone of a failed state. This has a damaging effect on both public security and citizen well-being,” argued Mr. Samuel.

He added that majority of Nigerian youths and women have already reached the conclusion that Nigeria is unfair to them. He, however, advised that those in the grip of despondency need to become politically involved.

“This historic duty is even more incumbent on civil society and professionals, who must have a continual interest in the good of society and its smooth functioning. They must now assume a custodial role in the remaking of Nigeria for a better future not only for themselves but also unborn generations”, he said.

The group said it aims to attract the youth, women and the professionals in Nigeria and in the Diaspora, who have the competence and character to take over public offices from 2019.

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