Adebayo Ilesanmi, a retired old soldier has been beaten to coma by suspected thugs in Akure, the Ondo state capital. Pa Ilesanmi was attacked last weekend by the thugs believed to be sponsored, at one of his properties located at Oshinle Quarters in Akure.

SaharaReporters learned that the hoodlums are errand boys to Ade Fayehun, a popular notorious thug in Akure popularly known as "Ade Basket". A source who narrated the attack noted that the retired soldier had been having a feud with family members over the sales of landed properties.

The source further explained that one of the families simply identified as Akin led the thugs who attacked the old soldier. "The old man ordered to demolish of a building on the landed property that the thugs felt was obstructing a virgin land.

"I think his aim was to sell the land but in the process, the thugs stormed the area and started demanding for an illegal fund in an attempt to extort money from the retired soldier.

"The thugs were led by one Akin who is a family member of "Ade Basket" but claimed he had earlier warned that nobody should temper with the land.

Kayode Ilesanmi, the last son of the old soldier also confirmed the attack on his father to SaharaReporters in Akure. He described the attack on his father as very inhuman and callous stressing that the incident was immediately reported at the A Division Police Station.

Retired soldier, Adebayo Ilesanmi

"The thugs stormed our landed property which is located at Oshinle quarters here in Akure and began demanding for some settlement (illegal money) from my dad. "They said until we give them the money before we can start any renovation work on the land and this led to a hot argument.

"My dad being a retired old soldier did not take it easy with them mostly for having such gut to storm his landed property and be demanding for an illegal fund.

"So, before we knew what happened the hoodlums (Ade Basket boys) had run out and brought back woods to attack our father.

"They hit him repeatedly on the head in an attempt to kill the 72-year-old man, he fell into a coma afterwards and is now the hospital. We've reported them to the police," the son said.

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