U.S Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has commended members of African Union, AU for cooperating to fight corruption in the continent.  

Tillerson who is on a week’s tour of Africa gave the commendation when he met with the AU Commission Chairperson, Moussa Mahamat in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“From high-level secret deals to petty bribes on the street, corruption really does steal the precious resources from job creators and entrepreneurs and others who would promote benefits to the greater society and to the citizens of those countries.

U.S Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson

“Good governance and transparency are essential to creating the conditions for economic growth and prosperity, and we look forward to continuing our joint efforts with the African Union to improve the business environment on the continent.

“But transparency really is an essential requirement for good business conditions and will attract greater investment and economic activity as well.

“That includes supporting greater intra- and global-trade investments in Africa as the environment creates competitive conditions,” he said during the meeting with the AU Chair.  

The most senior U.S diplomat says he is in Africa to listen to the demands of the continent.

“The purpose of my trip to this continent is to listen. I think it is important that we listen to what the priorities of the countries here on the continent are.

“And see where there is good alignment between their priorities and our areas of greatest interest as well. And I think we’ve already found there are many”.

While appreciating Africa’s increasing integration, he commended the AU for setting- up the African Centre for Disease Control. He said the body has made it easier to track epidemic outbreaks in the continent.

Tillerson said health security advances national security, economic development, and political stability.

In his assessment on security, he touched on sustained fighting in South Sudan, terror attacks in Somalia and the Sahel region of the continent.

 He also spoke on ways to ensure the G5 Sahel forces sustain the war on militant threats.

He said his country will see, “How we can put in place more sustainable funding models so they have greater certainty around how to plan the future fight against terrorism in the Sahel region.’

He commended the AU mission in Somalia and the relief made available to citizens.

The Envoy said the U.S stands by the call for the cessation of hostilities and seek compromise for the good of the South Sudanese people.

He added that U.S. supports the economic reintegration and will help to remove intra-trade barriers on the continent.

Mr. Mahamat, in his remarks, said his dialogue with the U.S. diplomat was fruitful.

 He said the visit was taking place at a time when Africa was firmly embarking on the path to integration and reform.

Rex Tillerson will be making a stop in Nigeria before his trip ends on the 13th of March.

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