New political association, Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), on Monday, launched a campaign to raise N1 billion to fund its activities ahead of the 2019 general elections.

A statement by the party quoted Mr. Tope Fasua, its National Chairman, as saying that having accomplished major milestones, including being the first and only party in the country’s history to have had 27,000 registered members before full registration and hosting a successful National Congress at Eagle Square, Abuja, the party is ready to take back Nigeria from the grip of a prodigal political class. 

“Saving Nigeria from the brink is not something to throw a few naira at and go to sleep. This will be our first test at nation building, the extent to which we are able to sacrifice. Now is the time that our imaginations must kick in, our drive must be renewed and get a boost, and our resolve must be strengthened,” said Mr. Fasua. 

Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party

He added that the party needs funds to expand its branch networks, especially to the grassroots, and sustain the tempo in all areas of engagement. Mr. Fasua equally stated that the party needs more visibility as well as acceleration of its membership. According to him, the party aims to have one million members by September.

The ANRP boss also said the party needs to prepare for local government elections in various states from May and hopes to win a number of seats. 

“At about 40,000 members presently, if each contributes N2,500, that would raise us N100 million. At N25,000 each, we would have N1 billion. Others can do much more than this. The upper limit of what can be donated is N20 million per individual. We can raise this amount, and we shall. ANRP shall be the richest, wealthiest, as well as continue to be the most transparent and accountable party in Nigeria,” said Mr. Fasua. 

He explained that the benefits accruable to party members include replacing the current leadership running the country aground with one that is altruistic and ready to take the country in the direction of progress by lifting at least 50 million Nigerians out of poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, and disease within four years.

“This is doable. China and India have achieved such feats. We also can.  ANRP also has a vision for Nigeria to be a just society where all are equal before the law.  ANRP will soon be unveiling various products by which everyone- members, supporters, and the general public- will have the opportunity to be part of this greatest collective endeavour ever by Nigerian citizens. Our success shall be inevitable,” said Fasua.

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