A survey conducted has shown that one out of every three Nigerians experienced more than average poverty during the 2017 fiscal year. 

The survey conducted by Afrobarometer, a pan-African and non-partisan research network, also revealed that not less than one-third of Nigerians repeatedly went without basic life necessities (Food, House and Clothing) during the previous year, a situation which placed them in the category of “moderate lived poverty” or “high lived poverty.” 

Ojewale Oluwole, Dissemination Manager of Afrobarometer CLEEN Foundation on Wednesday, published the variables of the survey along with its findings. 

Findings form the survey also revealed that majority of Nigerians who tried to access certain public services found it difficult and time consuming.

The survey also showed that payment of a bribe or favour was needed to obtain some of those services, which includes health care services, electricity, pipe borne water, and police assistance. 

Despite government efforts to combat corruption, citizens’ responses indicate that access to basic public service remains riddled with bribery, the results of the survey suggested. 

Another independent survey carried out by Afrobarometer also revealed that almost two-thirds of Nigerians say the country is “going in the wrong direction,” Though harsh, this assessment represents an improvement from 2015 as it recorded a 9% increase. 

The survey reveals that the citizens appreciate government’s efforts to fight corruption than its efforts to develop the country’s economy. However, a large majority of citizens are hopeful that the country has a brighter economic future.

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