ABUJA, 31 March 2018 -- Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) has denounced the manner in which the Federal Government led by the APC has consistently trivialized the weighty matter of theft, embezzlement, and mismanagement of public funds, and instead of taking responsible steps at curtailing such as well as ensuring serious consequences for offenders, sees it as an avenue for politicking.

ANRP has also asked the APC-Buhari administration to stop taking Nigerians for granted.

Yesterday, 30 March the FG released a list of 6 persons alleged to have stolen public funds. Curiously those on this list are only current members of another political party apart from APC. The list does not include many other known cases of stealing and misuse of public funds, including those involving people who have since become members of the ruling party as a strategy of escaping prosecution.

The fact that the Minister of Information, Mr. Lai Mohammed called a press conference to chest-thump that the government had fulfilled its promise of naming looters is the height of irresponsibility since only 5 or 6 people were named and all of them were linked to a singular transaction - the Dasuki largesse.

The immediate past Secretary to the Government of the Federation was reluctantly removed after the President had defended him for mismanaging N2.5 billion meant for IDPs, of which at least N200 million purportedly earmarked for grass cutting ended up in his bank account.

The fugitive Abdulrasheed Maina who has a case to answer for tens of billions of naira of pension funds returned from exile to walk around freely in Nigeria, resumed work as a civil servant and was even promoted. Fraud and irregularities to the tune of $25billion at NNPC (which is directly under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari as Petroleum Minister) has been hidden. The indicted and sacked head of the NHIS was reinstated.

These are few instances of brazen cover-ups of corrupt persons under this administration. This administration has unfortunately become the chief defender of corruption.
ANRP hereby reiterates that what is expected of a serious-minded government is to bring all offenders (irrespective of affiliation) to book and to recover what belongs to the public.

This must be done speedily, with a sense of urgency, and must be seen to be just, fair and transparent.

The outgoing APC-Buhari administration has disappointed Nigerians having failed in 3 years to successfully prosecute cases of stealing of public funds to the end. It is a shame and regrettable that this meaningless naming of only a few offenders is happening at the twilight of the administration. The administration itself is unable to account for so-called recovered stolen funds. 

There is no doubt that the stealing and mismanagement for 16 years by the PDP contributed in bringing us to where we are today. Only that during this APC-Buhari administration matters have gotten worse. 

There is no difference between APC and PDP. It is therefore important for Nigerians from all walks of life to reject both pariah contraptions (APC and PDP) and unite to salvage our beloved country from total doom from unconscionable opportunists.

ANRP calls on all Nigerians to come on board for the renaissance and renewal of the nation. 
Join us. Learn more about us at: www.anrp.org.ng

Sesugh Akume 
National Spokesman
Office Telephone: 09064796674 (9 am - 5 pm)
Email: [email protected]

Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party

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