Former Lagos state commissioner of Police, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has called for the establishment of a committee that will carry out a reform of the police force.

Alhaji Tsav said who said he is sad on the loss of discipline in the police force pointed out that merit no longer counts in the law enforcement agency.

He especially noted that promotions for police officers were no longer based on merits, but favoritism.

He called for the setting up of a committee to reposition the police so that it can regain its lost glory and provide improved services.

Tsav told newsmen that such committee should comprise former police officers of reputable characters drawn across the cadre.

He also pointed out that officers were no longer posted based on their area of expertise, but based on their relationship with the superior officers.

Bemoaning the rot perpetuated by officers posted on highway patrols, he said, “you often hear them begging – your boys are here, they are hungry, they need pure water, these things are regrettable”.

The former commissioner who pointed that the breakdown of discipline in the Nigeria Police Force was partly because the force had been politicized noted that the formation of the committee, which he is clamoring for, would help tackle the mess that the force had degenerated into.  Abubakar Tsav

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