A 2019 governorship aspirant and chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Dr Sani-Bello has said actions of incumbent governor of Kaduna, Nasiru El-Rufai is going to make the All Progressives Congress, APC loses the state to the opposition party next year.

Dr. Sani-Bello said this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria in Kaduna.

He also accused the ruling party of sidelining the people of Kaduna and failing to give them hope in the three years it has been in power in Kaduna State.

“Before 2015, nobody envisaged that over 40, 000 civil servants will be relieved of their jobs; we never knew that 350 district heads will lose their jobs or that chiefdoms will be canceled. From history, the governor is not a pro-people and people agent, because he is elite by all standards. Dr. Sani Bello

When he had the opportunity to serve as Director- General Bureau of Public Enterprises, common assets belonging to people were sold to individuals. When SIECOM was demonstrating the new acquired machine meant for LG election across the 255 wards of the state, our party, the PDP had the highest vote during the demonstration exercise. That is to tell you that if there is going to be free and fair election today, the PDP will emerge victorious.”

He also lamented that the governor has failed to provide security for the people of Kaduna State.

“The state now lack the peaceful and harmonious coexistence that it used to enjoy, we didn’t have the spate of kidnapping that we are witnessing today in Kaduna. It is common for people to be escorted to their homes and then kidnapped without any hindrance and they have to pay ransom and nobody has been apprehended so far. We know that some people will still want to be criminals and commit crime, but the government will definitely have to do the needful and intervene to get the culprits and prosecute them, he stated. Gov. El-Rufai

Sani-Bello also faulted the manner in which the government sacked about 22,000 primary school teachers, insisting that the law governing their appointments was not followed.

“Because of the government’s non-adherence to the rule of law, it told the world that the court and the union were late and went ahead to sack the teachers. The remaining ones are all living in fear, they don’t know whether they would be sacked today or tomorrow.

“For these reasons, we concluded that we need to buckle up, revive the PDP and serve the people again. For any government to be successful, it has to be fully representative in nature, such that, every community irrespective of its religious affiliations is carried along and represented in governance. For example, the district heads in this government have been sacked, so that is the issue of representation if you are following the trend many communities believe that they are being not represented. Previously every LGA was represented in the executive council of the state but it is not so today.’’ He assured that the next PDP administration in the state would do things “differently.’’ We will entrench good governance and operate within the ambit of the rule of law,’’ he added.

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