For Abimbola Kazeem, better known as 'Jigan Baba Oja', music is something that has always been a part of him. But his dreams of becoming a Fuji musician were cut short by his father, who believed good education should be the focus. 

In an exclusive interview with SaharaReporters, Jigan, who is currently enjoying the fame he has gotten from his viral  slang 'Sho mo age mi?' said: “Music is something I have in me. If I wake up in the morning I sing for at least two hours before I do anything.

"I started my career as a Fuji musician when I was six years old. As a baby, I was singing on the streets. My father was not in support of my music. He was like, 'if you continue singing Fuji music you won’t go to school'. So he killed that dream. I was like, 'okay, I will stop it.'”

Despite obeying his father's orders to quit music, Jigan disclosed that the music kept calling out to him. In 2001, he came up with a group called BBK, but somewhere along the line the group broke up due to financial disagreements. After the breakup, Jigan began his solo career and in 2008 he released a single with fuji star, Pasuma. In a bid to promote his music, he started following Pasuma to his shows.

According to him, he was investing heavily into his music but he was not getting his desired result. It was at that point he decided to venture into movie with the hope of getting famous then returning to music.

“I started meeting with different kinds of actors and that was how I ventured into movies," he said. "I was like okay, let me do movie for some time; when the name is there I will be able to come back to what I actually have. And that was how I started as an actor.”

Speaking on his journey into cyber crime 'Yahoo Yahoo', Jigan explained: "The financial thing I led me into it. While I was making the money I was putting everything into my music. I shot two videos and then I paid for shows and interviews.” 

However, his story took a new turn for Good when his comedy skit 'Sho mo age mi' went viral. Jigan revealed that the idea of the skit was gotten on location for a movie.

“The idea of 'Sho mo age mi' happened on a location that I went to, with a colleague. On that set, we had this argument about some actresses who were celebrating their birthday at that moment claiming to be 40 or not. We know ourselves, I know you, you are not older than I am. So that was how the argument started. And the idea came.

"When it came the director called me and was like do you believe this can go a long way. That day I did a skit with a friend and all I was saying through out was 'Sho mo age mi'. I posted the video and before I I knew it, when I checked my instagram account in the night, I saw 40,00 views... something that had never happened before. I'veshed somuch tears because I can’t imagine where I am now.”

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