It was rumoured earlier in June but it is now official: the Body of Benchers has approved the use of hijab during Call to Bar.

Therefore, Firdaus Amasa, the University of Ilorin law graduate who caused quite a stir in December 2017 when she insisted on wearing the hijab to her Call to Bar ceremony, has now been called to bar. 

For insisting on wearing the Islamic apparel, Firdaus was denied entry to the venue and, by extension, the legal profession, despite widespread support for her from the Islamic community.

An unverified Whatsapp message in June from a state chapter of MURIC had claimed the Body of Benchers — the professional body concerned with the admission of prospective students into the Nigerian Law School — had approved the use of the Islamic apparel for the annual ceremony for new legal profession entrants.

It said that in addition, Firdaus had been invited to attend the July Call to Bar.

“We like to express our sincere gratitude to the Body of Benchers for painstakingly reviewing the case and for allowing professionalism to be the deciding factor,” MURIC had said.

“MURIC thanks all Muslim leaders who intervened on behalf of Firdaus Amasa. We are also grateful to the House of Representatives for the positive role it played in this matter.

“We felicitate with all Islamic organizations as well as Muslim brothers and sisters who stood with us all these days, particularly during the aborted public hearing in the National Assembly. Congratulations.”

There were doubts about the authenticity of the message at the time, but it has now emerged that Firdaus was indeed called to the bar on Tuesday, with her freinds, family and well-wishers circulating numerous photos from the occasion on social media.

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