Prof. Itse Sagay

The Chairman, Presidential Advisory Against Corruption, Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), has hailed the ouster of the PDP in Ekiti, adding that it would mark the end of stomach infrastructure.

Sagay said this during an interview with one of our correspondents on Monday.

The PACAC chairman described the outgoing governor as a person who exploited the poverty of his people for personal gain.

He said, “I think Ekiti people have restored their sense of self-respect and dignity because to have elected a Fayose was a self-inflicted insult and he insulted them by saying he won election on the grounds of promising them stomach infrastructure.

“It was a very big insult because what he was saying is that the Ekiti people live solely for the sake of eating. That is why stomach infrastructure was a very big insult. And he insulted them for four years; he ran the state down.

“He didn’t pay salaries. Altogether, he was a disaster. So, this election was a way of voting Fayose out because I don’t think his deputy was the real candidate. In voting out Fayose, Ekiti people have restored their sense of self-respect and we will no longer call them stomach infrastructure state but as a serious people who look at their progress instead of food.”

Sagay advised Fayose and his team not to bother going to court but accept the result in the spirit of sportsmanship.

He said when the PDP rigged the election in 2014 Fayose did not complain “but is now crying foul because the results don’t favour him.”

The senior advocate lamented the issue of vote- buying in the last Saturday election but argued that it could not have affected the outcome of the election since both sides engaged in it.

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