Scores of people on the platforms of Kwara Liberation Group, Save Kwara group and former members of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) yesterday marched across major roads in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital, drumming support for President Muhammadu Buhari.

The groups also called for good governance and leadership in the state.

The peaceful rally, tagged a mega rally of 300,000 Kwarans in three Kilometres, three hours, three minutes and three seconds, was aimed at mobilizing people to effect what they described  as the needed change from current situation in the state to a progressive change.

Members of the group took the rally from Gerin Alimi roundabout through major roads such as Lagos, Surulere/Oja Oba, Emir’s and terminated it at the Post Office area of the metropolis.

A former chieftain of the PDP, who dumped the party for APC, Dr Abdulganiyu Abdulbeki, said: “Today’s rally is intended to send a message to all Kwarans that the time has come to make what is called real change. We belonged to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) until yesterday. You are all aware of the imposition of the PDP national secretariat on that people. What we are saying is that we cannot stay in the same party with those they have sent to us.

“I am here representing all those you know in the former PDP. All other leaders are in Abuja meeting with the APC leadership. We are now fully in APC. 98 per cent of the former PDP members in Kwara have moved to the APC. We are fully for President Muhammadu Buhari.

We are informing Kwarans to relax as they still have a platform to express their interest. PDP members have moved en masse to APC. We are going to do our Kwara agenda soon. Those you are expected to make changes in our lives are now in APC. We were for Buhari all along. We know his anti corruption stance and we are for that. We will not condone corruption.”

Chairman of the organization, Dr. Amuda Aluko, a member of the defunct National Reconciliation Committee (NARECO), said the people had for long been deprived and denied basic benefits expected from a functional representative government who enjoyed goodwill of the people to get to power.

“We should collectively put a stop to the unholy use of both our capital and human resources to a more meaningful and masses oriented options”.

Secretary, Save Kwara Group, John Adegboye said that the essence of the rally was to let the world know that the state political landscape had changed

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