Omoyele Sowore is a 47-year-old Nigerian who graduated from University of Lagos and was President of the Students Union Government while he was there. He quickly became a model of leadership that reverberated across the University campuses in Nigeria at the time. The Nigerian students of that era will bear testimony to his rare breed since the age of 21 years old. He saw into the future and continues to prepare himself for the role of emancipator of Africa into the modern digital world.

He was born on February 16, 1971 in Kiribo village (a rural setting with agrarian lifestyle) in Ondo State, South West of Nigeria. Throughout his adult life till present, he has consistently supported social justice and fairness for all. Even in the most difficult circumstances that include threat to his life and his family, Sowore never relented and testimonies abound of his doggedness.

Sowore, alongside other rights activists, fought the military juntas in the Nigeria to a standstill and the effort ushered in democracy to Nigeria in 1999, after the military dictatorship dominated Nigeria’s political space for 35 years, including plunging the country into a needless three-year civil war. The injustice of the war has persisted and the current political leaders/actors have failed to address them; they continue to use them as tool for 'divide and rule'. He proceeded to the United States for further educational advancement and earned a master's in Public Administration and Policy from Columbia University, an Ivy league university reputable for academic excellence across the world. He is currently an Adjunct Professor in a New York university.

He invented Online Media with Sahara Reporters, a company that is an example of an American dream (immigrant start something new and was successful at it). SaharaReporters continues to compete globally with other news media. Sowore’s entrepreneurial skill was brought to bear with the starting of a successful world-class media house with a laptop that he bought for $600 from Amazon 12 years ago and with a current net worth of the company running into millions of dollars. The media house promotes Africa’s culture and values, especially in Nigeria, and it is very critical of corrupt government officials and their enablers; it has since grown to become the voice of the oppressed.

He’s now a Nigerian politician and he’s practising politics differently. Sowore is leading a political movement with the slogan #TakeItBack and he’s aspiring to be the President of Nigeria. He’s engaging Nigerians anywhere and everywhere he can find them on the surface of the earth — public places, markets, town hall meeting, social media and live call in programmes etc — and never in the history of Africa’s politicking has a presidential aspirant traversed the globe to spread his message of hope and prosperity. He has been asked difficult and complex questions on his ambition and he has answered them with brevity and precision. He has met with Nigerians in refugee camps seeking asylum in other nations, and he has helped to unite distrustful neighbors in the course of his need assessment from Nigerians.

He is very clear about his mission to restore Nigeria and Africa’s dignity and make black nations the cynosure of the world.

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