Commuters plying the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway yesterday witnessed an unusual sight, which slowed down movement of vehicles on the busy highway during the peak period of 6:00p.m and 7:30p.m. when an unidentified man suddenly collapsed in front of Nigeria Army Shopping Arena at Oshodi.

Passersby who saw the man when he collapsed declined to take him out of the road for fear of the unknown. He was left for a long period to lay on his belly in the middle of the road as vehicles slowed down to maneuver crushing him.

A businessman at the shopping arena, Mr. Calistus Obi, who was at the scene of the incident, said people were afraid to touch him because they couldn’t ascertain the circumstances that made him to collapse, adding that the man might be under the influence of alcohol or drug like codeine.

“Others were of the view that the man might be suffering from epilepsy, which could cause such unexpected stumbling, but he just lay still for a while.
He was later sprinkled water, which made him to rise and leave the road for traffic to resume its normal flow.

Meanwhile, residents of Itele on Lafenwa-Ayetoro road, a border community between Lagos and Ogun states, have called on relevant authorities to intervene without further delay in removing a broken down petrol-laden tanker already discharging its content.

The tanker with registration no. UDD 275 XA, owned by Pondolivia Oil and Gas Ltd, broke down on the road since Monday. Efforts by residents to remove the tanker were unsuccessful as it began to spill its content when members of the community attempted to push it away to avert disaster.

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