In April 2018 I wrote an article “Olotugate: Conspiracy to “Lynch” Presidential Directive Exposed”. Since then nothing meaningful appears to have been done to bring succor to the reinstated staff, rather time is being spent to manufacture strategies to lynch the August 2017 Presidential Directive for the immediate reinstatement of the victimized staff of Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Uselu, Benin(FNPH-Uselu).

That it took the Federal Ministry of Health over three months to transmit the Presidential Directive to the Medical Director Dr. Sunday Osasu Olotu, further fuelled speculations about the plot to lynch the directive.

The current article is to alert the government about the recalibration of the plot to “lynch” the August 2017 Presidential Directive for the reinstatement of staff of FNPH-Uselu. It is no longer news that the reinstated staff were illegally eased out of service in a desperate bid to cover massive acts of corruption committed under the watch of Dr. Olabisi Feyisayo Ihenyen (Immediate Past Medical Director) and Dr. Abieyuwa Patricia Osemwenkha (Immediate Past Chairman of the Board of FNPH-Uselu) and sustained by the incumbent Medical Director Dr. S.O Olotu.

Some of the corrupt acts are captured in the report of the 2011, Rabi Adamu mni Panel of inquiry set up by the then Minister of Health Professor Christian Onyebuchi Chukwu. As the stench from FNPH-Uselu saturated the public domain a desperate measure was taken to launder the image of FNPH-Uselu by the employment of Mr Efe Stewart as a contract Administrative Officer (PRO) by Dr. Olabisi Ihenyen in 2011 few weeks to the expiration of her tenure as Medical Director.

Mr Efe Stewart was one of those who framed some of the reinstated staff on Phantom Criminal Charges. Mr. Efe Stewart during the Egor All Progressive Congress (APC) party primaries that held on January 23rd 2018 claimed on record that he had resigned as a staff of FNPH-Uselu. The reinstated staffs were however taken aback by this statement because Mr. Efe Stewart manifested acts of thuggery in the public when he assaulted the video camera man of the reinstated staff on the 3rd day of January 2018, within the Administrative block of FNPH-Uselu.

Prior to the visit of the reinstated staff on January 3rd 2018 Mr. Efe Stewart who claims to be the Public Relations Officer of FNPH-Uselu copiously denied the existence of the Presidential Directive for the reinstatement of the victimized staff.

Dr. S.O Olotu and his cohorts having found that the typographical error/ambiguity theory was no longer gaining traction as a reason for not releasing the letters of reinstatement  began to cite cases instituted by the victimized staff challenging their illegal suspension/sack as the next reason for his inability to obey the Presidential directives.

For the records the reinstated staff held a meeting with the Board of Management of FNPH-Uselu in May 2018. The Board which was inaugurated on March 6 2018 asked the reinstated staff and management of FNPH Uselu to withdraw all cases from the courts and this has since been done by the reinstated staff and same communicated to the Chairman of the Board Barr Edobor Ukpebor by the legal counsels of the reinstated staff who were present at the May 2018 meeting of the reinstated staff with the Board.

An alarming dimension of a phantom appeal against the vindication of some of the reinstated staff is a matter of concern for perceptive members of the public and the legal counsel of the reinstated staff has written to the Chairman of the Board of Management intimating him of the phantom nature of the purported “Appeal”. There are rumors that it is the Nigerian Police that has appealed the case, but this assertion does not make sense as the Investigating Police Officer ASP Dumpe Bonaka under the heat of cross examination claimed he did not investigate the matter.

Even the Edo State Post Primary Education Board which was the scene of “crime” never made any report of any attempt to steal the file of Ms Taiwo Ifueko Agho to the police. To set the records straight Ms Taiwo Ifueko Agho was an Administrative Staff of Edo State Post Primary Education Board who lacked cognate experience as a Social Welfare Officer, but was given fresh appointment as a Assistant Chief Social Welfare Officer by Dr.S.O Olotu using the sobriquet “Transfer of Service”.

If it is indeed true that a Benin based Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) has been hired to manufacture a “Fake Appeal” against the vindication of some of the reinstated staff then those giving approval for state resources to be used to fund these illegality must be brought to book, speedily.

The incumbent Chairman of the Board of FNPH-Uselu must be ready to make a clean break from the past if he is desirous of making any meaningful impact during his tenure. He must now prove to the public that he is innocent of the allegation of collusion which ought to be an anathema in an era of change.

The presidency is unlikely to lift a finger even as Nigerians have long grown accustomed to the APC's and President Buhari's empty "CHANGE" sloganeering, battered political image and listlessness that have drowned the hope of a better Nigeria.



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