Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State

Dr. Femi Balogun, a former Deputy Rector of Auchi Polytechnic, who was dismissed in December 2017, has urged the school authority to reinstate him.

The former deputy rector was sacked by the school's governing council over allegations of gross misconduct levied against him.

He has, however, described his dismissal as “unfair”.

He was found guilty of abandonment of duty post for four months without authorisation; abandonment of lecture to a mentee under the guise of threat to life; illegal removal of the television set from the office of the Dean of School of Evening Studies, and possession of an extract of the minutes of the regular governing council meeting.

The institution had stated that Balogun was found guilty after investigation and trial by the school's governing council, noting that his dismissal followed the council’s review of several allegations of gross misconduct against him.

However, speaking on his dismissal, the sacked lecturer said: “I was victimised while in the school by a set of people who do not want me in the institution”.

According to him, he was attacked in his office and even his home, and he reported the attacks to the Police and the culprits were arrested.

“I was suspended as Dean and I sued the school in February 2016 and got a judgment in an Akure Court to be reinstated, despite several warnings to withdraw the case from court,” he said.

He alleged that in February 2016, he was again attacked by staff and students of the school.

“I received a scary phone call that I should leave the house. Out of fear, I went to the Police station to report. While in the Police station, my home was attacked. My wife and kids also managed to escape,” he narrated.

Speaking on some of the allegations upon which he was dismissed, Balogun claimed he acted in the best interest of the students.

“One of the other queries I received was that I removed the TV set from the office. Students and I bought the TV set in that office; it doesn’t belong to the school,” he stressed.

He added: “My family and house have been severally attacked, of which I made a formal complaint to the Police to no avail. Even one of the people that attacked me now replaced me as Dean of Evening studies.

“I am asking that I get reinstated to the school to continue working. I have been rendered useless and my wife has been the one sustaining the family since the unfortunate incident in December 2017.”

Balogun had sued the school and the case, which is still in court, has been subjected to series of adjournments.

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