The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has dismissed Sergeant Jolaosho Olusola, who collected the sum of N1.5 million from an Abuja resident with a promise to secure a Toyota Corolla car on auction for the resident.

This was disclosed in the 2018 first half-year report of the Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit (PCRRU) released on Wednesday.

According to the report, Jolaosho was found guilty of professional misconduct following an orderly room trial and has been recommended for prosecution.

The report revealed that "he was tried in an Orderly room and found guilty of Improper Conduct and Discreditable Conduct contrary to Paragraph E(i) and C (ii) of the First Schedule of Police Act and Regulation Cap. P19. Law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2004.

“Punishment of dismissal from service was recommended and since approved by relevant police authority. His case file has been transferred to the Police Legal and Prosecution Unit, FHQ Abuja for appropriate criminal prosecution in court.”

Jolaosho was reported to PCRRU by a lady in Abuja. According to the lady, whose name was not disclosed, Jolaosho collected N1.5million from her in multiple tranches with the promise to help her secure a car via auction at the Abuja Magistrate court.

Her report read: “Sometime in March/April 2016, he called to let me know that some vehicles were up for sale. I went to the court to inspect those vehicles but only found one to be suitable. The vehicle which I found suitable was a Toyota Corolla with registration number RSH 652 TA. He told me that he would assist me in processing the vehicle. He subsequently went to the high court in Maitama and obtained the price of the car as N1,200,000 (one million, two hundred thousand Naira only). He asked me to send N100,000 (one hundred thousand Naira) to his account with xxxx in the name of Jolaosho Olusola with account number xxxx. This he said was to enable him process the documentations and pay the necessary fees. I sent the N100,000 as he demanded. He later asked for an additional N200,000 (two hundred thousand Naira).

“This was also sent to him in the same account as above. Sometime in May/June he demanded a further N900,000 (Nine hundred Thousand Naira) to bring the total amount to N1,200,000 (one million two hundred thousand Naira) which he told me was the value of the vehicle for auction purposes. He told me from the onset that the car would be available and delivered to me in May or June. He further stated that the car would be advertised in the press stating that I am interested in purchasing the said vehicle and if the owner or anyone has a higher figures or views can argue and that this is in line with due process.

“In June I called to find out the position of the car; he informed that he was away for a month because his son was in hospital and will get me posted as soon as he got back. I even sent him N10,000 for transport back to Abuja as he informed me that he was stranded in Lagos. Some weeks after he came back, I called again for enquire again and he informed me that the paper work has been completed but the judge who was supposed to sign it was ill and was away from office. After a few weeks I called again but this time threatened to report this matter to the Police, when someone called me and claimed his name was Mohammad from High Court and that he wants to return the money I paid for the car because the policeman was abusive to him. When I asked him to tell me the location of his office he dropped the phone. I used Truecaller to identify the name of the person as xxxxx. After several pleas from Shola that I should not get the police involved, and assured me that he will not do anything stupid and joke with his job convinced me yet again to pay additional amount. I only agreed because he was a police officer.

“On 6th of September I sent additional N300,000 (three hundred thousand Naira) to same account number as previously. He claimed that the court valued the vehicle as N1,500,000. That is the reason for the demand of the deference between what I had already sent to and the current value. I called him to bring the paperwork to me after the additional payment which he has failed to do despite many promises to do so. I've also discovered that the vehicle has been removed from the court premises. It appears to me that he has taken possession of the vehicle and has embarked on selling the vehicle. It may appear that he has sold the vehicle and may be prepared to refund the money if pushed.”

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