President Goodluck Jonathan’s ‘My Transition Hours’ was only two days old after launch before its fake versions began to circulate online.

If you didn’t attend the launch, where only the original versions could only have been on display, there’s a chance you’re reading the wrong book. if you're reading an online version, that chance is even higher!

What, then, do you need to look out for, to be sure you’re not wasting away your precious time on a fake book?

The original version is a 194-page book; the fake version contains 254 pages and is a PDF document of 4MB in size.

Number Of Chapters
While the original version has 15, the fake has 12.

The Copyright
The original book was copyrighted in 2018. The writers of the fake book must have seen into the future, though, as the copyright on it reads 2015.

Table Of Contents
The original begins with Foreword, Acknowledgement and Prologue, in that order, while it is ‘Acknowledge’, Prologue and Introduction for the fake book

The Book Proper
In the original version, the book proper begins with a chapter titled ‘Reflections’, with an opening sentence that reads: “The circumstances of my family background, birth and childhood would not have led anyone to believe that I would ever assume office as President of Nigeria”.

However, the fake version begins with a chapter titled ‘Looking Back’, with an opening sentence that reads: “First, let me explain my unusual entry into Nigerian politics. It is a little puzzling because I was almost decidedly not going into politics, but I need to clarify this before going into my story.”

Jonathan’s book is controversial enough. There are already question marks in places of power over the truthfulness of his narration of the final minutes before he called President Muhammadu Buhari to concede the 2015 election, while Kashim Shettima, Governor of Borno State, has already punctured his account of the post-Chibok abduction politics. See Also Books DETAILS: The Final Minutes Before Jonathan Phoned Buhari To Concede 2015 Election

It is possible that some accounts of Jonathan;s book are false; how then can anyone read  fake version of it in addition?

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