Senate President Bukola Saraki was the subject of mockery from members of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN), who locked down the National Assembly complex on Tuesday over non-payment of their salary and promotion arrears. See Also Breaking News JUST IN: Lawmakers Take To Their Heels As Protesting Staff Shut Down National Assembly

The workers, demanding the implementation of the Consolidated Legislative Salary Structure (CONLESS), which has been stopped since 2010, were seen holding a mace and mimicking the entrance of the Senate President to the chamber.

Staff Shut Down National Assembly In Abuja Over Unpaid Salary Arears, Turn Back Lawmakers Protesting National Assembly Staff Mock Saraki's Entry Into Senate Chambers...

As the person holding the mace advanced forward as though he was possessed in the spirit, his colleagues hailed him and danced. They eventually crowded him out, each man touching a piece of him and the mace.

On Tuesday, the opening day of the protest, the workers prevented legislative activities from holding at the National Assembly.

The protest is expected to continue on Wednesday.


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