Sir, it is sad to say to that you do not know that the federal government of Nigeria has 40% stake in  Disco, Genco and 100% stake in TCN which is the major stumbling block in the power sector.

Sir, the problem is shared 60/40 ratio with the businessmen leading the front but what about the government angle? 

The only thing you have shared in your three-year stay as PW&H is false narratives as regards the power sector. 

Sir, you have never bothered to speak on a tariff which is the real issue affecting the power sector. 

Sir, you forgot before PHCN was sold followed by devaluation of Nigerian Naira, energy was sold between N25-N36/kWh which is equivalent 18.4¢/kWh which is at par with many countries on Earth.

Sir, you forget to inform Nigeria that the Nigerian power sector is 100% import dependent, hence devaluation will have a devastating effect on the sector but nothing changed despite the devaluation 

Today Energy is sold between N25-36/kWh which is now equivalent to 8.4¢/kWh that is over 54% loss against a business which is 100% import dependent. How will they survive?

Sir, I agree the owners ain't technically savvy but this single issue will kill any form of investment in the sector as they will be struggling to recoup their earlier investment. 

Sir, you have do not have the solution to metering or energy theft but you love cosmetic facelift of the actual event which is NOT okay one bit.

Sir, I can not question your jurisprudence prowess but a critical sector like power sector needs a more qualified hand preferable an Electrical Engineer,  I believe this is the main reason why you have kept pushing false narrative of 2000MW stranded power which is non existent or 7000 MW generated power whereas we had capacity to generate 6.2GW as at 2014 but gas constraints and weak wheeling network which has not improved one bit in the last  4 years.

Sir, as at 2013, Nigeria was wheeling 3000MW + on the grid the same thing we are  wheeling  in 2018.

Sir, it is instructive to say Nigeria has NOT wheeled 4000MW averagely  in our 58yrs of existence. 

Sir, The data of the wheeled and generated energy since 2013 is available on NERC website capitioned as daily energy watch which has been discontinued. 

Sir pls find listed below links and data pulled from Nigeria Electricity Regulatory commission "Daily Energy" watch which was discontinued by NERC in Jan 2017 and the Energy report for 2017 and Q1 of 2018, NNPC monthly report and TCN System operators daily report from 2014 contradicts all you have pushed to the Nigerian Populace in three years.

Sir, you cannot know more than the Regulatory Commission, hence I implore you to stop sharing false narratives. lol

Sir, any other figure other than the Statistics listed below is wrong and misleading. 


Nigeria as at 2013 was wheeling 3292MW averagely that is 28,837,920MWh of Energy in 2013.


Nigeria as 2014 was wheeling 3330MW averagely that is   29,170,800MWh of Energy in 2014


Nigeria as at 2015 was wheeling 3529MW averagely that is 30,914,040MWh of Energy in 2015


Nigeria as at 2016 was wheeling 3188MW averagely that is 27,926,880MWh of Energy in 2016


Nigeria as at 2017 was wheeling 3619MW averagely that is 31,702,440 of Energy in 2017


Nigeria as at March 2018 wheeled 3942MW averagely that is 8,514,720MWh which has since returned to the same position in 2014.


Our Electricity Consumption per capita has dropped because it is recorded against our Population. 

Pls, note there are Losses associated with Wheeling and Distribution and we also export Electricity.

There is at least 8% loss on wheeling and distribution and another 10% is exported to our neighbours leaving Nigerians to battle with less than 3000MW after 58 years of independence.

Anyone that tells you making power is rocket science is NOT okay. 

All over Africa Power Plants, they build power plants in record time and Egypt just unveiled a 14.4GW in 27.5 months for less than $6.5 billion. 

Sir, I beg you to stop pushing false narratives to the Nigerian Populace.



Ettu Mohammed.



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