A group known as the Adamawa Political Gladiators (APG) is mobilising one million votes for Omoyele Sowore, presidential candidate of African Action Congress (AAC).

Speaking on behalf of the group to newsmen in Yola on Friday, Tony Sudan Gompwel said he had also printed campaign materials and branded a vehicle towards actualising Sowore's presidential bid in 2019.

"We're targeting one million votes for Sowore, and we're canvassing those votes on a wide range social media platforms,” he said.

"We're developing the Sowore followership, using pyramid styled network of down-line supporters.

"For instance, if I steer 50 people, I expect them to steer 50 each; and so the chain goes on till we are able to raise one million votes and even surpass it for Sowore.”

Gompwel further said he had printed “14,000 posters, 12,000 stickers, 12 large-format size banners and branded a vehicle with pictures of Sowore and his running mate”.

“We're doing all these things not expecting any personal reward, because I believe Sowore embodies the yearnings and aspirations of many young Nigerians,” he said.

On the chances of Sowore’s victory at the polls, he said: “We keyed into the AAC candidate because we believe in his vision for Nigeria. And make no mistake about this, Omoyele Sowore is going to win and he is the next President. 

“I say this because I know it very well that Buhari and Atiku are going to be voted out next month. Both men are predators, out to destroy our economy. On the other hand, people are getting to know the man Sowore, and I bet you he is going to emerge victorious.”

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