Dear Sir,

In my earlier letter to you on 23rd of June, 2018, I made it known that I was delighted to write you but since even as a father, you refused to attend diligently to issues earlier raised, I find it appalling but necessary this time to write again even if you don't accept it in good faith.

Aside from the dismissal of Richard Akindele, a Professor, who was involved in sex-for-mark scandal with a female student and reinstatement of some suspended students of the university, nothing 'spectacular' has really come from your office to help the students. In fact, your administration has blocked more students' portals afterwards and the slogan among the students when issues affecting them are raised is "your portal may be next". 

This is happening in the 21st century Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. Indeed, there was a school for under your watch, students say they now have a "glorified tutorial".

I am certain that nothing will change even after this letter because no amount of words can change your love for a stable academic calendar amidst irregularities in the system. However, it is expected for some of us (as a student-journalists) to inform you about the plight of other colleagues at this present time


It is important to note that ASUU strike started at a period when students have not started receiving full lectures on this campus. Nobody is against stable academic calendar, but from survey, students are demanding additional lecture weeks and lecture free week as provided by regulations and antecedents. 

The university may be bent on starting examination on Monday, January 14, but the system should also be ready to take the responsibility of mass failure as it is not expected to ask people what they have not been taught. It is no longer news that on this same campus, there are departments where lectures have been shut since the beginning of the strike. Conducting exams therefore is equivalent to producing half - baked graduates that will cause more harm than good to the nation.

Sir, it is important to note that the argument by  some lecturers that students would not be examined on what they were not taught is faulty because there are required outlines for different courses. If those outlines are not met, then, there is a breach. 

Maybe you don't know that some courses have been cancelled already.

Once again, I am not writing this to change the decision of the management, but to remind you that the university's stand is disastrous and deadly. If many of our lecturers were not taught the necessary during their time, the university will not be a place of work for them. In fact, the students are stakeholders and they must at all time be put into consideration. These students are adults and should not be taken for granted by a 'single adult' or 'some adults' at the helm of the affairs.

Insecurity on and off campus:

While I am not expected to speak for the university security team because he that pays the Piper dictates the tune, it is my obligation to inform you about the porous security situation in our environment.

Perhaps, you are not informed that one of our colleagues was kidnapped in late 2018 with his car driven away by the evil men. Many students are not even aware of this incident because of the usual manner of burying cases in this part of the world. 

Mr. Vice Chancellor, students maintained that their colleague who died after robbery attack in December would not have died if there were proactive measures from the end of the security team. However, after proper investigation, it was realised that university did not even have 'sound vans' to combat thieves. Eyewitnesses narrated how the CSO of the school was forced to use his personal van to convey the deceased. This is sad and it won't be out of place if the students and parents of the deceased hold the university responsible for the death of Babatola.

After the robbery attack, there have been series of robbery cases even till late last night. It appears that the university prefers the decongestion of hostels than the lives of these students. 


Because I know the university will not change from being autocratic, I will quickly highlight other issues under this paragraph.

The students of Alumni hall did not have water in their hostel since last year. They went home and returned to realise that nothing has changed. If the university is not aware, I think they are now aware. Our Queens cannot continue to walk down to Awolowo hall to fetch and we won't love to perceive them smelling in the class.

The issue of delay in the release of students results still persist, and continue to make students have automatic 'extra year' as many have to spend semester(s) without knowing their fate as regards previous papers written.

Also, the university keeps collecting N500 each from students every session without issuance ID cards. So, the school is proud to see students harrassed by SARS.

I won't discuss the students union reinstatement here because students already know that  it is not the wish of every oppressive authority to have a vibrant students' body. 

Yours Faithfully,


Adejumo Kabir, a student-journalist at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife

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