If someone had told me when I was in High School that a day would come when the President of Nigeria would be so intellectually disabled to hear, to think, to talk, and answer simple and straight forward questions on politics and government, I would have said you were crazy. If after the juvenile performance of President Muhammadu Buhari at the Town hall Meeting, we still have some Nigerians who believe he's the best man for the job, then we've gone down the rabbit hole.

Throughout the Town Hall Meeting, Buhari a.k.a. Baba Go Slow was aggressively incoherent, completely unintelligible, proven repeatedly that he had absolutely no idea of what he was talking about. Snapshots from the Town Hall Meeting:

Kadaria: What are your thoughts on restructuring with regards to education?

Buhari: I'm expecting the press to investigate the corruption in the local government.

Kadaria: Why should the Nigerian people vote for you again?

Buhari: I've said before that if my party nominates me, I will contest.

Kadaria: The soldiers are protesting poor treatment and are ill equipped. What are your thoughts?

Buhari: I get situation report from the military. The military should investigate the demonstrations because they are not supposed to demonstrate.

Kadaria: Boko Haram targeting the military and killing soldiers. Are you worried about that?

Buhari: They choose the time to attack. We have resource limitations. Boko Haram get help from external forces.

Kadaria: What's the solution to the conflict between farmers and herdsmen?

Buhari: We studied grazing routes from the First Republic. Benue Governor shouldn't ban grazing but provide routes for grazing.

Buhari's responses to questions were incomprehensibly demoralizing full of grim, tawdry, and surreal bizarre often painfully deep. Buhari's performance just like his four-year old administration, is disjointed, unpleasant, and bizarre. If Buhari was savoring a moral advantage as a “man of integrity” as he took the stage at the Town Hall Meeting last week, it didn't register on his face. Instead, he looked bereft. A funeral spirit haunted his responses throughout the session.

Buhari's intellectual deficiency and incapability to master policies and how government functions are so obvious from the beginning of his presidency and campaigns if you watched his rallies and interviews. It baffles Nigerians that Buhari's gaffes and goofs, are appealing enough to his supporters that they pretend not to notice that Buhari is ignorant and deficient about everything important to the job of president.

The Presidency is the most important office in the land. One would expect any candidate appearing in front of 200 million people to have done a little bit of prep work, read a briefing paper or two and take the Town Hall Meeting seriously. It wouldn't hurt any candidate to have done a little cramming (well, Buhari is too old for that) on the details to make the case for why he or she is the best person for the job. Last week at the Town Hall Meeting, Buhari demonstrated not only that he didn't prepare but that he lacks the capacity, ability, and has no underlying knowledge of the subjects a president is required to know. Buhari simply tried to wriggle his way through with incoherent misdirection even with all the help he got from his interpreter Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo. Buhari gave the worst performance of any candidate ever.

It's disorienting to see Buhari spout gibberish at such an important event. There were just too many errors, mistakes, lies, and flashes of ignorance that characterized Buhari's embarrassing performance. It's no wonder that Buhari dodged the NEDB/BON debate held Saturday January 19. It was a total melt down for Buhari, his supporters, and APC. The Town Hall Meeting radically changed public opinion of Nigerians about Buhari. Majority of Nigerians now see him more clueless, ill prepared, and unfit to continue for the next four years to govern a nation of 200 million people. His abysmal performance is so obvious even his die-hard supporters and defenders of his flaws and failures and his handlers concede the reality of Buhari's dying presidency.

From Buhari's looks, gestures, and body language all the duration of the Town Hall Meeting, was a man experiencing excruciating esoteric torture, a moment of plague, famine, and a near-universal grief. Buhari looked grave and grief-stricken. Yes, Buhari's performance was the lowest point of any presidential debate/town hall meeting. Ever. It will be talked about for years to come.

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