A student journalist, Adejumo Kabir, has launched a media hub for training of campus journalists.

According to Kabir, the innitiave, 'CampusPress Hub', aims to oversee the training of students who have passion for journalism.  

Speaking on why it became necessary to embark on the project, he said: "We realise that many students want to practise journalism on campus but do not really have the proper training to take them beyond. Also, journalism itself is all about making impact in your community and I understand clearly that my community at this present time is campus."

Explaining how the training will be conducted, Kabir said it will be a two-day workshop on best practices of the profession where trainees will be taught about the ABCs of journalism and other core elements of the profession.

"The world has far gone beyond your course of study in school to become a journalist. There is need for proper training. Also, cosidering this era of fake news, if campus journalists are well-groomed, they will prove a vehicle of virtue, truth and love.  

"This is our aim and we believe that with the support of available platforms, we can build a better campus where student journalists can hold their authorities accountable as provided in the constitution. To perfect this, we are bringing mainstream journalists from different media organizations for the training."

Kabir started practising campus journalism during his first year at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. He has recieved trainings and certificates in journalism.

He also has some awards to his name, including Alfred Opubor's Award for Best Investigative Student Journalist, Most Prolific Writer, and Best Nigerian male campus journalist.  

He was shortlisted among the for the Best Student Fact Checker in Africa at an Investigative Journalism conference that held in South Africa.  

Also, he is a beneficiary of Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism Next-Gem programme where he reports for their Campus Reporter site.

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