The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) says it is closely monitoring campaign spendings of political parties and candidates towards the forthcoming elections.

Speaking on plans of the commission to ensure compliance with the law, Anthonia Okosi-Simbina, INEC national commissioner, said the commission has collaborated with relevant agencies to ensure that political parties abide by the stipulated limit for all campaign budget.

According to Section 91 of Nigeria's Electoral Act 2018 (amended), campaign limit for presidential candidates is N5billion, while candidates campaigning for seats in the National Assembly are not to spend beyond N70million.

She noted that any candidate that exceeds the limit would “have themselves to blame”.

She said: “We will check adverts on newspapers, TV, radio, billboards and we must see to the conclusion. Those who spent beyond what the legal framework provides for or spend outrageously will have themselves to blame.”

Okosi-Simbina stated that the enlisted agencies would work with the electoral finance and party monitoring department of INEC to monitor funds spent by all candidates for the campaign.

Ishaq Garba Aliyu, INEC Assistant Director, Campaign Finance Tracking Unit, said the commission has trained its staff to closely track every fund spent by candidates.

“We have built the capacity of the staff members. They reviewed the tracking forms to include separate forms for candidates and political parties. The tracking ends on the day of the election," he said.

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