I write this with mixed feelings. One of grief and another of bliss. Grief, knowing that we still have young people supporting the old guards even after supporting the #NotTooYoungToRun mantra and having seen a clear alternative in a young man named Sowore.

The bliss however comes from the hope that the over 91 million Nigerians living in extreme poverty want a better Country for themselves. They want better education, security, power, healthcare etc. They want to go to the hospital and get treated when sick and not to just get medical advice. They want to take their Country back from the behemoths of the PDP and APC. 

I am scribbling my thoughts in bullet points for easy read. 

Dear Colleagues,

1. Elections have consequences. Good and Bad. Everyone is a voter including the person who did not register to vote. The political apathetic individual is voting for the statusquo to remain. 

2. If you do not take interest in Politics, Politics would definitely take interest in you. An example of Politics taking interest in everyone is how of recent students and lecturers spent almost 4 months at home. It was due to the decisions of some elements governing us. When the good people are not concerned, the bad would make decisions for them. 

3. In a Country of 65 percent of young people, we have no business begging the old guards for power. It is only in this part of the World such happens. 

4. Don't just go to the Polling booth with your PVC. Take along with you your brain; remembering how you have been cheated for too long. How you are still calling your mum to send you money for feeding and upkeep at age 30. 
Would OAU students remember how they fetched water from wells and streams? Would UNILAG students remember their bedbug-infested hostels? Would YABATECH students forget so easily how they sleep in classrooms because of the inadequacy of hostel accommodation? Will Nigerian students forget how 1000 students are made to receive lectures in classrooms that should ideally be for 50 persons? Are we going to forget our struggles to save Public Education that landed some of us in prison?

5. Please do not forget that the PDP is not an opposition to the APC. They are the same. 4 of the Presidential Aspirants who were in PDP Port Harcourt Convention in 2018 were in APC Lagos Convention in 2014. 

6. You can not say there are no alternatives in this election. Why stick to two evils (less or lesser) when we have a good? How you question the possibility of 100,000 living wage but do not question the criminality in 14 million naira allowance of Senators, sale of NNPC or TraderMoni is disturbing. 

7. As against the general notion that market women, motor park thugs i.e- the uneducated population are those who vote, the 2019 elections have proven to be different. Students would be the major deciders. We are 22 million while market women are 7 million. Youths (students inclusive) are over 42 million. 
We are people who have undergone some kind of tertiary education, which means we are not looking for our WAEC certificate. We are more qualified than Buhari. 
We are people who can not afford to buy NNPC that Atiku promises to sell to enrich his friends. That means we are not Atiku's friends. Atiku knows his friends.  

8. I believe we represent the category that understands that vote-buying is criminal. And that no politician of the old order is 'Father Christmas'. Any politician who gives money gets it back in millions. He gets it directly by stealing from the treasury or indirectly by selling off public assets and increasing fuel price, tarrifs etc. 

9. We know that unfortunately the Almajiris also fall under the 22-million category. But if half of 22 million students decide to go the 'new way', the election results would be tough to announce. 

10. In Conclusion, it would be a total disgrace to anything we call Education if with 22 million students, either Buhari or Atiku returns to power on Sunday, February 17th, 2019. It would be better we lock up our schools or convert them to asylums. 

- Adeyeye Olorunfemi

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