It was cash for votes in Gama Ward of Nasarawa Local Government Area of Kano State on Saturday during the supplementary elections held in the state.

In what appeared to be a swift business venture, albeit illegal, some persons who seemed like party agents, although the party they represented was not immediately obvious, engaged in a an exchange of voter cards for cash.

A video posted on Twitter by @UmarG_ showed a party agent in Kano holding on to what seemed to be numerous voter cards, which he gave out one after the other, while two other persons seemed to act as assistant.

One of the main ‘election businessmen’, who acted as the advert executive/announcer kept marketing the trade, said: “Register her name and give her N500.” He continued: “After you have voted you should wash the ink, then come and collect another N500.”

“Don't allow them to enter through the other door. Vote and collect N500.”

‘Vote And Collect N500’ — Party Agents Exposed Sharing Cash For Voters In Kano

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