The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has said the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board(JAMB) recorded a 4.01 percent drop in the applications received in 2018. 

The NIBS, in a statement on its website, based on its JAMB Applications and Admitted Candidates by State and Gender within Faculty Data (2017-2018), stated that applications received in 2018 were 1.65 million as against the 1.72million received in 2017.

This, it said, represented about 4.01 per cent drop in comparison to the total applications received in 2017.

According to the figures, candidates admitted in 2018 were 549,763 as against the 566,719 admitted candidates in 2017.

The report said the fall in total admitted candidates in 2018 was about 2.99 per cent, compared to the  total admitted candidates in 2017.

A further breakdown of the data based on gender showed that 902,176 applications received in 2018 were males, while 750,951 applications received were from female applicants.

However, in 2017, according to the bureau, 952,436 applications received in 2017 were from males while the remaining 769,833 appliccations received were from female applicants.

in 2018, the bureau also said 302,183 male candidates were admitted as against 315,678 male candidates admitted in 2018 and 251,041 female  candidates admitted in 2017.

Data for the report was supplied administratively by JAMB, while it was verified and validated by NBS.

NBS, however, made it clear that data in the report is restricted to test-based admissions and does not cover admissions not determined by official tests and examination conducted by JAMB.

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