Ben Murray-Bruce, senator representing Bayelsa East Consituency has been busted on Twitter for posting a picture he claimed was from Rwanda.

Tweeting @benmurraybruce on Thursday, he said, "This picture is not from Europe or America. This is Rwanda. They have e-bikes in the street that you locate with a mobile app. You Use them and return them. They are charged with solar panels. They are saving Rwandans both time and money. Rwanda is becoming a small giant of Africa".

However, another user of the social app noticed a disparity in the claims the Senator was making and the truth about the picture he posted.

Henry Okelue tweeting @4eyedmonk said "Ben Murray Bruce has refused to limit his mischief to Nigeria. He has found a way to drag Rwanda into it. [email protected], stop embarrassing your self. The image in that tweet of yours is actually from North America, Califonia to be precise. Do better research."

Fact Check

Although Senator Ben Murray Bruce lied about the picture he used in his tweet, Rwanda has just entered the electric bike and scooter service.

Gura, a transportation network company based in Rwanda in May launched electric bikes and scooters to tap into the country's mobility and ride-sharing industry.

The service is owned by a Nigerian called Tony Adesina.



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