Aisha Buhari, first lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has lashed out yet again at her husband's administration, this time over appointment of people into his cabinet. 

She posted a video by @Ayourb, a staunch supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari who was calling out the President for appointing those who do not believe in his vision.

He said, "We are not talking about appointment, it's about bringing on board people who do not believe in your agenda, it is different from just appointing anybody but if you have a change manager, that manager will work with a team of people who believe in the vision but when you sideline them and bring in people who fought violently against that agenda and you want them to help you drive your agenda, how will you achieve this?

"So let us take it away from the fact that people are angry about appointment. We are saying people you are bringing in to work with you do not believe in your vision and your purpose and your plan."

Tweeting @aishambuhari, the first lady said, "You cannot drive an agenda with people who don't believe in that will you achieve your purpose if you bring in people who fought against your agenda."

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