Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


The Ethiopian Customs and Revenue Authority has stepped up its moves to commence seizure of foreign currencies and valuables in excess of $3,000.

Mr Friday Akpan, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed this in a statement.

Akpan said the rule on the forfeiture of undeclared valuables applies to passengers travelling to Ethiopia or transiting, including the prosecution of offenders of money laundering in line with Ethiopian laws.

He urged Nigerian travellers to the country to take note of the development and adhere strictly to avoid undue embarrassment at their airport.

Akpan said Nigeria’s embassy in Addis Ababa was engaging Ethiopian authorities to secure the release of undeclared monies seized from Nigerians.

In January, the embassy and the Nigerian mission in Ethiopia had earlier informed Nigerian travellers on the seizure plans of excess currencies by the Ethiopian authorities.

The information prior was aimed at safeguarding Nigerian travellers from having their monies and valuables confiscated.

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