Nigerian man, Ayoola Ajayi, arrested in the death of a United States of America college student whose burnt remains were found in his backyard was banned from the campus of Utah State University in 2012, according to newly-released documents.

The school took the step after Ayoola Ajayi's student visa expired and he was arrested on suspicion of having stolen an iPad, a misdemeanour, according to university police reports. 

He had also stopped attending class the year before but continued to sleep on residence hall couches and keep things in a janitor's closet, according to police and university documents.

University officials barred him from campus in August 2012, and police also informed the Nigerian Embassy in US of Ajayi's arrest.

Prison documents showed Ajayi is now a US citizen. 

When arrested in 2012 by US police, Ajayi had a student visa that had already expired but had married a woman in Texas.

According to court records, the marriage ended in a divorce in January.

According to a news agency, Associated Press, US Immigration and Citizenship Services refused to provide information about when Ajayi obtained American citizenship, citing privacy protections. 

Ajayi was allowed to enroll in classes again in 2015 after resolving his immigration status, said Utah State spokesman, Tim Vitale.

Separate police documents showed that he was also investigated on a rape allegation in 2014. No charges were filed in the rape case.

Ajayi, 31, is being held without bail on suspicion of aggravated murder, kidnapping and other charges in the death of 23-year-old Mackenzie Lueck. 

On Tuesday, tpolice authorities said they had been granted an extension on filing formal charges until next week. 

Lueck was a part-time senior at the University of Utah studying kinesiology and pre-nursing. 

She was expected to graduate in 2020.

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