Ibraheem El-ZakyZaky


One of the surviving sons of the leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN )  popularly known as 'Shiites' , Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky has said that the Nigerian government has finalised the arrangement to assassinate his father , Ibraheem El-Zakyzaky. 

He disclosed this in a press statement issued at the end of a press conference addressed by Sheik Mukhtar Abdul-rahaman Auwal on Sunday in Abuja.

He said that he visited his father at the detention facility where he has been kept by the security operatives on Saturday 6th of July 2019 but was shocked to see his father in deteriorating health conditions. 

According to Ibraheem " This Saturday the 6th of July 2019, I met with my father and my mother.  My father was found to have unusually excessive and life threatening concentrations of lead and cadmium in his blood. 

"This has always been an assassination in progress, and it is almost done. And the assassins are clearly determined to see it through.

"When we met aside from what could be visibly seen of their deteriorating condition such as my fathers teeth which in the space of a month has turned from dark brown to virtually jet black, my father also informed me of how his condition has been worsening since the last time we met.

He said that all efforts  made by the family to ensure that his father get a proper medical attention were deliberately ignored and frustrated  by the government. 

He explained that his condition has worsened beyond redemption adding that any effort to save his life now has become futile.

 He pointed out that his mother  started showing signs of stroke in  January 2018 as a result of intermittent attacks of chronic pain . He said the pain has  become a daily occurrence now due to lack of  proper medical intervention

His words " My mother on the other hand, whose numerous medical issues were well known since before, has similarly received none of the care that was recommended. 

" The frequent attack of chronic pain which she had been suffering on average on a monthly basis has now turned into a daily routine. And to date none of the underlying medical issues causing these attacks has been addressed "

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