Repentant Boko Haram members

The Borno State on Monday says it has received 151 repentant Boko Haram members from the Nigerian Army for rehabilitation and re-integration into society.

This was made known by the Coordinator, Operation Safe Corridor, Maj.-Gen. Bamidele Shafa, while handing over the repentant insurgents at the Bulunkutu Rehabilitation Centre, Maiduguri in Borno.

According to Shafa, the insurgents were subjected to weeks of de-radicalization in Gombe.

Out of the 151 insurgents, 132 are adults and 19 are teenagers.

He disclosed that the people had acquired more knowledge in skills and thought in Islamic religious knowledge (IRK).

They were also offered as drug and psychological therapies during the training.

Shafa affirmed that he was sure that the “clients” have fully repented from their bad deeds, adding that Operation Safe Corridor was designed to encourage Boko Haram insurgents to surrender and to be re-orientated before they can rejoin society.

“The clients confessed their past misdeeds; denounced membership of Boko Haram group, asked for forgiveness and took oath of allegiance to Nigeria. I believe they are now good citizens to rejoin society,” he said.

Shafa lauded the state government for its support and efforts to assist the repentant insurgents to reintegrate into society.

Deputy Governor Umar Kadafur commended the federal government over implementation of Operation Safe Corridor to rehabilitate and reintegrate repentant insurgents into society.

Kadafur said the state government had adopted effective measures to accept the insurgents willing to voluntarily surrender and to create an enabling environment for them to rejoin the society.

He said the government had also directed community leaders to sensitize their people on the need to accept the rehabilitated insurgents, and warned against infringing on their rights.

The deputy governor added the state government would support the former insurgents to set up a business, to enable them to engage in productive activities and contribute to the development of society.

Tela Dandija and Kyari Buguma, some of the repentant insurgents, thanked the federal government for the amnesty granted to them and called on other insurgents to surrender.

They also called for support to enable them to set up businesses in their respective communities.

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