Following the move to place Amnesty International Nigeria on a watch list, the United Action for Democracy has urged the Nigerian government to stop its continuous attack on human rights group.

The UAD, in a statement by Peter Adejobi, its National Publicity Secretary, described the move by the Nigerian government as a barbaric return to the military era.

UAD also warned the presidency not to tamper with the democratic foundations of Nigeria with its inflammable attacks on demonstrations and the victimizations of protesters.

UAD posited that the statements credited to the Amnesty International on the August 5 #RevolutionNow were “humane, responsible and justifiable!”  

It said, “Those crying foul are rather comfortable with the poverty and hardships that have turned the youths of Nigeria to dangerous cultists and violent enigmas.”

UAD posited that Nigerians have a right to rise and fight against all oppression.

“This is a great democratic responsibility that every sensible human being should applaud and respect.

“We call on Amnesty International and comrades coordinating and organizing the #RevolutionNow to keep on with the efforts. We cannot all keep silent in the face oppression and tyranny,” the group said.

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