I feel helpless not to mock or inveigh the parade of buffoonery that has become daily libations of the ruling elites.  

Monday, August 5, 2019, Nigeria is will witness revolutionary earthquake caused by the #RevolutionNow led by Omoyele Sowore.  

That Nigeria is overripe for revolution is like saying herdsmen terrorists are dangerous. Next Monday seems too long to wait for the #RevolutionNow.

Why we can’t wait

The political landscape is littered with dubious merchandising efforts by terrifyingly corrupt and unrepentant politicians whose objective is to deceive and loot the ever gullible Nigerians. The National Assembly, the Executive, and the Judiciary have demonstrated time and time again beyond belief that the three branches are partners in crime of a lawless and tyrannical government.

The unjustified criminal jumbo salaries, the dirty bogus perks, the lewd lifestyles, the lurid spending recklessness, the amass of huge fortunes through uninterrupted flow of treasury money and multiple conduits of malfeasance that form the signature national priorities of the ruling class are mounting evidence of a political system that has metamorphosed into a reign of terror. The atmosphere in the country for the legion of poor Nigerians is like a funeral.

Disparities in wealth increased with the richer prospering and the poor starving. The long-running poverty slaughtered and uprooted as it were, the present generation and generations to come. The persistence and prevalence of untamed corruption and infectious poverty are concrete reminders for a revolution.  

The cause and consequence of all these are inflamed ethnic rivalries and religious intolerance which grow daily with intensity among the poor. It has fostered distrust and festered old ethnic prejudices and acrimonious rancor.  

The excesses, evils, injustices, and wickedness of the ruling class have further chiseled the great divide between the haves and have nots and have collapsed our civilization and culture. It has turned our society into Hobbesian horror that a normal person must escape. An extended meditation of Nigerian maladies is capable of turning one into a surviving appendage that begs for life support.

The aloofness, detachment, insensitivity, wickedness, crass incompetence, and unrivaled nepotism of President Muhammadu Buhari to the economic plight of poor Nigerians and pervasive insecurity in the land, portray the president as anti-people, anti-progress, anti-intellectual, and anti-civilization.  

Our education system has become glorified caricature known for graduating intellectual zombies. Nigerians must be ready to die to live. I’ll like to remind them that the only language oppressors understand is fire for fire and force with force. Don’t you remember the lynching and butchery of the oppressed in other parts of the world in order for them to gain their freedom? Don’t you remember the raging, ripping hounds, the tear-gas and guns on people fighting their oppressors?

Don’t you remember the history of oppressed people who for years fought under epic patience and death-defying grace to free themselves from wickedness in high places? Did you forget the story of crusading students, the vigilant souls who risked their lives, the marchers who stood steadily and strong, the vocal leaders who called on God, justice, and commonsense in order to prevail over their oppressors? Do I need to remind you that it is better to be a live dog than a dead lion?

For your information, the history of oppressed people all over the world was written in the streets whereby their blood fertilized the fields of liberty and freedom before triumph glistens in the eyes of the parents and resounds in the laughter of their children. There is nothing to be proud of in Nigeria. For 58 plus years it has remained a country of misery characterized by a rainbow of misadventures. The citizens of a country blessed with the world’s most abundant resources live in one of the worst places on earth.

Nigeria is not working. The operators make it impossible for it to work for the good of the common man. Nigeria is a failed state. It’s a tombstone. It’s a fragile foundation built on a corrupt and deceitful political model that doesn’t make sense.

There comes a time when oppressed people take to the streets convinced that existing institutions and their functions only reinforced the status quo. Many rights have been won in democratic societies by means of courageous activism – the eight hour-day, votes for women, the right to sit at any lunch counter, the desegregation of schools, workers right to unionize, etc., not at the polls but in the streets. The recent barbaric presidential election fraudulently concocted, conducted, concealed, and carried out by INEC convinced Nigerians that history will be written in the streets, not at the polls. The Fire next time is #RevolutionNow.  

Nigeria is a country of no laws, no courts, no policing, no leadership, where names of candidates who won elections are replaced with losers, where votes cast are more than registered voters, where election petitions and disputes are resolved long after the administration of the candidate who won by rigging was long ended. How can we entrust our political destiny in the hands of morons and other deluded twisted fantasy dreamers of “erotic triumphs”? Well then, the street is the last resort to settle the matter.

Public protests and even violence in the politics of a nation indicate that all is not well with the system. And Nigeria provides a textbook example of a country being governed by a deaf, dumb, blind, and insensitive ruling class. The elected representatives are the real enemies of our people.  

Of what use are the representatives who were elected to take care of the people but turned blind eyes to their sufferings? Who the hell are these people anyway? Who do they represent? To which civilization do they belong? Their objective and enduring mission of theirs is to devour the very sheep they are charged to protect. These representatives have no such guts and bravery to fight on behalf of the people.

Nigerians have lost confidence in the electoral process. Elections have no meaning in Nigeria. The people are regarded as dummies, treated like dummies, and the people behaved like dummies – 180 million of them. It is petulant and pointless to hold future elections because INEC is a puppet whose strings are being pulled by the government in power.  

I invite you to take an abbreviated tour of the poverty landscape in the country with me. Nigerian unskilled poor have exchanged rural poverty for even deeper miseries of the shanty-towns. They form the local core of local desperadoes with disaffection-filling movements. The swelling urban mobs, abductors, rapists, kidnappers, and hired assassins in the ghastly alleys of Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Kano, Bayelsa, etc., are unchecked, disregarded, left to grow and fester. There is enough explosive material to produce the #RevolutionNow!

Sectional rivalries, pluralistic and ethnic sentiments/prejudices are the root causes of humanitarian, political and economic motives that have made irrepressible conflict possible between the oppressed and the oppressors. It is never the disasters you see coming that finally come to pass. It is the ones you don’t expect at all. That’s the #RevolutionNow - not at the polls but in the streets...

Let’s go there!

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