The Governor of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed, has raised the alarm that some disgruntled elements are bent on creating chaos in the north-east state of Nigeria.

Raising the alarm in his Sallah message, Mohammed said, “I am proud to say that Bauchi state has earned an enviable reputation of being a peaceful state.

“However, events of the last Eid-el-Fitr almost altered the record. It is, therefore, the duty of every one of us to jealously preserve this reputation and avoid all acts that would tarnish this fine attribute.

“I wish to observe with regret that some disgruntled elements are bent on disturbing this peaceful atmosphere through the use of thugs.

“It is pathetic to observe a situation where our youth, who are our hope for tomorrow, are being used to destabilize the peaceful disposition of the state.”

However, Mohammed warned that his administration would “neither tolerate, nor condone, such disruptive tendencies.”

During the last Sallah in June, some political thugs, ‘Sara-suka’, fomented trouble in Bauchi reportedly resulting in the death of some residents.

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