A teacher with Jubilee Community Grammar School in Surulere under Ondo West Local Government Area of Ondo State, Sola Akinyemi, has raped and impregnated one of his students, a petition obtained by Sahara Reporters, revealed.

Akinyemi, according to the petition, had been forcefully having carnal knowledge of the student before he eventually got her pregnant.

It was learnt that the teacher takes Christian Religious Studies subject in the government owned school.

It all started when the randy teacher found a mobile phone on the student during a lecture.

The phone was seized and became a bait in luring the girl to different hotels in Ondo town where the teacher took advantage of her for two years.

The teacher threatened to deal with the student if she told anyone that he raped or had been sleeping with her.

A recent scan carried out on the girl revealed that she is currently seven months pregnant.

Sad by the ugly incident, mother of the teenage girl reported the case to her friend, who subsequently confronted the teacher.

The case was later reported to the police in Ondo town.

Akinbinu Oluwafemi, a human rights lawyer, has taken over the case and petitioned the Commissioner of Police in Ondo State on the matter.


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