Fourteen Months after the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and the League Party of anti-migrant politician, Mateo Salvini, formed a coalition to govern Italy, Giuseppe Conte, an independent chosen to serve as Prime Minister by the political partners, told the Italian Senate Tuesday that he will resign his office as head of government. 

Conte said Salvini was irresponsible, the BBC reports.

Conte, whose popularity had been trumped by Salvini’s policy towards migrants crossing the Mediterranean, accused him of ‘creating a new political crisis for Italy for personal and party interests.'

Salvini had earlier tabled a vote of no confidence on Conte’s time as Prime Minister.

"I take this opportunity to announce that I will present my resignation as head of government to the president of the republic," Conte informed the Senate. 

The outgoing prime minister said Salvini’s actions were driven by the success of his party at the European parliament elections.

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