Following the rising spate of sexual crimes in Nigerian universities, Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun State, is set to formulate a policy to put an end to sexual offences in tertiary institutions.

The policy, if effectively implemented, would curb the rising rate of sexual harassment and assaults, which is daily increasing in the country.

A visiting professor at TASUED's Centre for Human Rights and Gender Education, Stella Odebode, stated that the policy would help to “provide a safe and secured place void of harassment on students and by extension, on Nigerians at large”.

She stressed that the policy would create a committee, which would respond to cases of sexual and gender-based violence across Nigerian campuses.

She said, “The committee would be all inclusive because there would be students as representatives to ensure that the right thing is done.”

Executive Director of Gender Mobile, Omowumi Ogunrotimi, explained that formulating a sexual harassment policy in tertiary institutions is the most effective means to address sexual harassment in schools.

She noted that the policy would "help to create avenue for sexual victims to seek redress", adding that institutions would also be strengthened to provide a strong response to cases of sexual crimes.

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