Bayo Oluwasanmi

The decision by Justice Taiwo Taiwo to detain Omoyele Sowore for 45 days and Justice Nkweonye Maha who declined to entertain the appeal of Sowore against Taiwo Taiwo's ruling, portrays the two justices as two of the most lurid representatives of disgraceful corrupt judges on the Nigerian bench.

Justice is supposed to be blind. Nigerian judges are not defined by respect, dignity, integrity, honesty, duty, probity, and impartiality but by corruption. Behind the two judges, corrupt-stained black robes are corrupt judges who are known to sell justice to the highest bidder. Taiwo Taiwo, the judge with an oxymoron name and illiterate lapdog justice Maha are worst than professional criminals who appear before them. Taiwo Taiwo and Maha are members of crooked judges who turned Nigeria into “shithole” nation. Both judges are criminally negligent and their decision to hold Sowore in detention smack of a high octane corruption.I’m not a lawyer but our legal experts agreed that the detention of Sowore, the pro-democracy advocate, human rights crusader, and publisher of the influential SaharaReporters is illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral. Our constitution guarantees every Nigerian freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of peaceful protest, freedom of dissent, and freedom to hold elected officials including the president accountable.

The two judges have reduced our constitution to a worthless piece of paper by swallowing hook, line, and sinker without any proof the fabrication of DSS and Buhari administration that Sowore planned to violently overthrow the inept and corrupt regime of President Muhammadu Buhari. The continued detention of Sowore for more than 48 hours without bail violates the constitution and Sowore's human rights. 

The judges have acted like the creepy alien children of Village of the Damned. A country of criminally corrupt judges like Taiwo Taiwo and Maha leave us shaking our heads, muttering “Where do they find these sick judges and who made them judges over us?

The rulings of the two judges are nothing short of decisions rendered by Kangaroo courts. They disregard the recognized standards of law or justice. They are biased against Sowore. The judgment against Sowore was predetermined. In the Kangaroo Courts of Taiwo Taiwo and Maha, Sowore not given the due process protection associated with civilized courts of law. The judges ensured that Sowore’s conviction was assured, and Buhari was favored. 

As kangaroo courts, both judges limit and obstruct efforts by Sowore to present evidence or witnesses favourable to his defense. Instead, the two judges imposed harsh and severe punishment on Sowore. They robbed Sowore the most basic constitutional right against self-incrimination, the right to cross-examine witnesses and presumption of innocence.

The constitution is the supreme law of our land. The fundamental rights are available to all Nigerians. Personal liberty is of the utmost importance in our constitutional system of presidential government. Personal liberty deprived when bail is refused to an accused is of a huge cost to the individual and to the country. It is not only a violent overthrow of our constitution when Sowore is refused bail, but an act of barbaric wickedness to keep Sowore incarcerated even though prima facie no case is made against him. 

To Taiwo Taiwo and Maha, I say, “BAIL NOT JAIL” is the normal rule in a democratic country where the Constitution guarantees equality before the law.

Agreed Buhari is an illiterate dictator with no knowledge of anything including our Constitution. Buhari’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General Malami is no different either. He’s a recognized moron.  But what about his vice-president, Pastor RUGA Osinbajo a lawyer, legal scholar and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN)? Can’t he advise Buhari on the constitutional rights of Sowore and the illegalities of his continued detention? 

President Buhari is fighting a losing war with Sowore. History is a guide. When it comes to human rights activists versus despots, dictators, and crooked judges, activists win. Buhari's opposition to Sowore's crusade for the inevitability of good governance is primitive, anti-intellectual, anti-justice, anti-people, anti-progress, and anti-peace and prosperity. 

Buhari is on the wrong side of history: He can't eat the future judgment of history. #FreeSoworeNow before it's too little, too late!

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