Indian Police

A 37-year-old Nigerian man was caught carrying 600 grams of heroin
that he shaped in the form of eggs to avoid detection, Delhi Police
said on Friday.

Atul Kumar Thakur, a deputy commissioner of police (north-east),
identified the arrested man as Uchanna Israel Obutt, who had been
released on bail in February last year after spending three years in
jail in a fake visa case.

The DCP said Obutt had been living in India since 2015 and posed as a
tiles businessman to carry out drug dealings. “In 2015, he was
arrested by Delhi Police’s crime branch in a case of cheating and
under the Foreigners Act,” the DCP said.

Upon his release from jail, Obutt allegedly continued trading in
drugs. “Of late, he wanted to expand his drug dealings in the
trans-Yamuna area,” said the officer.

Obutt was arrested from the Nand Nagri Flyover in north-east Delhi on
Thursday afternoon after the police received a tip-off that he would
be carrying heroin with him.

Initially, the police spotted Obutt carrying a crate of eggs in a bag,
which he claimed were chicken eggs. But when the police took a closer
look, they found it suspicious.

“The eggs were not only brown and a bit larger in size compared to the
usual chicken eggs; they also had a rough surface,” said another

The police checked further to realize that a dozen eggs were actually
heroin, whose market worth the police pegged at R 1.25 crore, the
Hindustan Times report.

Police said that Obutt, who lives in Dwarka in Delhi, has been booked
under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. “We are
trying to get to the source of these drugs,” said the investigator.


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