Thousands of graves have been ripped open in Kano State in the wake of
a downpour during the weekend, the state government has said.

According to the state's Graveyard Standing Committee, 'thousands' of
graves in urban and rural cemeteries within the state gave up their

The committee's assistant secretary, Yusuf Tarouni, said the heavy
rain ripped open cemeteries at Dan Hassan Settlement in the Kura local
council; Rimin Kebbe, Fako and others in Gwale.

Tarouni said, "At Dan Hassan, in the Kura local government area, the
graveyard is in a deplorable condition; it has been flooded with water
and the graves are collapsing on a daily basis.

"Already, thousands of graves, where we visited and assessed, have
collapsed. At the same time, we visited another graveyard in Gwale,
where the people turned the graveyard into a dump for refuse, as well
as a grazing field for cows.

"Insecurity in our graveyards is very disturbing, as people have
converted graveyards to hiding places since they are aware that nobody
will dare chase them to the graveyards."

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