Mixed reactions have trailed the decision by Nigeria to pull out of the ongoing World Economic Forum in Cape Town, South Africa, and also the recall of its high commissioner, Kabiru Bala, over fresh xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other African migrants.

Commending the move on Twitter, a user with the handle @excafagha said, “Good step! We want more.

“The South African Government and the people of South Africa have not done enough to stop xenophobia.”

Also reacting to the development, another user @m_atoshi, said, “Step in the right direction. Send planes to bring back as many as are willing to come back.”

Another user, @columbuse_a, said, “That's the first phase to show displeasure or disagreement with a host country.

“The next is to send their high commissioner parking.”

But unimpressed by the move, a user, @Tonito said, “What is there to see? A half-hearted, belated response after massive outrage by Nigerians.”


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