A medical doctor based in Adamawa State, Yakubu Koji, has had his name struck out of the register of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria for cutting the kidneys of a patient named Isa Hamma, who is now late, according to a report by PUNCH. 

A tribunal set up by the council in Abuja on Friday found the doctor guilty of the 12 charges preferred against him.

Chairman of the tribunal, Prof Abba Hassan, said that Koji was guilty of engaging in malpractice when he failed to use his considered judgment and sense of honour by acceding to the demand of his patient.

He added, “The respondent exhibited incompetence in the assessment of Hamma.

“He failed to correctly diagnose the illness of Hamma and advise him. He undertook a surgical operation on the patient and removed an organ he could not identify.

“The respondent failed to refer Hamma in good time when such was necessary.

“He failed to do all that he reasonably ought to have done under the circumstances in the treatment of the patient.

“The respondent violated laws 29.4d, 29.4a, 29.4g, 29.4h, 29.4i, 31, 33, 33.1, 33.0 and 43.3 of the Code of Medical Ethics in Nigeria in 2008 Edition.

“The name of Dr Koji is hereby struck out of the register of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.”

Another doctor, Stephen Alayemola was suspended for six months after being found guilty of collecting a huge fee from one Mrs Oyenike Adebajo under the guise that he would carry out assisted reproductive therapy/In-Vitro-Fertilisation when indeed he was not an expert in fertility issue.

The tribunal said that he was also guilty of a fee-splitting arrangement for the purpose of referring the patient to other practitioners.

The tribunal said it was convinced with the weight of evidence against Alayemola that he was guilty of five out of six counts against him.

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