Otunba Gani Adams


A northern youth group, Arewa Youth Movement, has condemned a comment
made by Gani Adams, leader of Oodua People's Congress against herdsmen
residing in Nigeria's south-west region.

Adams, while reacting to the killing of 36 cows in Ondo by lightning,
had said, "Herders should move out of the South-West immediately
because they don’t have anywhere to stay in the zone. The South-West
will not be convenient for them. Warning that the sad occurrence is
just a tip of the iceberg and a caution to herdsmen and other
livestock shepherds."

Angered by the comment, National Publicity Secretary of AYM, Mallam
Abdulrahman Mohammed, in a statement said northern youths would not
continue to watch Adams threaten herders “who are legitimately
transacting their businesses in Yoruba land”.

Mohammed also called on President Muhammadu Buhari and the Inspector
General of Police to caution Adams from making further threats against
herders in the south-west.

He said: “We, therefore, call on the President of Federal Republic of
Nigeria, President Mohammadu Buhari, Inspector General of Police, Mr.
Adamu Mohammed to please take note of these frequent threats from
Chief Gani Adams to herders/cattle breeders who are genuinely
transacting their lawful businesses in the South Western part of

“We urge the Inspector General of Police not to take this issue with
soft hands.

“This is one of the reasons why we are becoming more panicky and
apprehensive by the South West security arrangements being put
together by the South West Governors and The Inspector General of
Police, in collaboration with the Oodua People's Congress.

“This should be critically looked into as Hausa/Fulani who are
legitimate cattle rearers/breeders will be the first target of Oodua
People's Congress and Chief Gani Adams.

“His outburst has clearly shown what he will go extra miles to ask his
men to go after our people. This is a very good advantage for him to
carry out his long-time disastrous plan.”

Mohammed also urged the director general of the Department of State
Services to take note of the threat by the OPC leader, pointing out
that the threat can destabilize the peaceful coexistence of Nigeria
and also heat up the polity.

Mohammed added, “We call on South-West governors, traditional rulers
and other stakeholders in Yoruba land to also put Chief Gani Adams
into check. We'll not fold our hands while our people who reside in
Yoruba land are being killed and maimed by Chief Gani Adams and his
members. It is very hazardous, perilous and dangerous to hand over the
security of lives and properties in the hands of a 'warmonger'  and
tribalistic person of his type.

“Therefore, the Yoruba are scattered all over the Northern parts of
Nigeria, no one is threatening them. If Chief Gani Adams thinks he can
see still have an occasion which can bring him to the north, such as
Abuja, Sokoto, Kano, Kaduna, Niger, Katsina, etc. He should guide his
utterances and put himself into check.

“In the same vein, we appeal to our people who reside in the South
West and other geopolitical zones in Nigeria to be law-abiding
citizens and not to get themselves involved in any incriminating and
nefarious activities that can bring about disharmony and unrest. They
should maintain law and order in their dealings.”


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