The average earning of staff working in the oil and gas industry in
Sub-Saharan Africa is equivalent to the lowest cadre of earning on the
North American continent.

This is the discovery made by Oil and Gas Job search and NES Global Talent.

According to the ‘Oil and Gas Outlook Guide’ for 2019, which the pair
published on Wednesday, the average annual take-home of an employee of
a petroleum firm in North America, is $97,000 – 34.94 million.

This is double the $48,600 – N17.28 million average paid to workers in
the fossil fuel industry in Africa.

This implies that the monthly take-home of staff in the oil and gas
sector in Nigeria is less than N1.5 million.

“The average salary amongst workers in North America is $97,000 per
annum almost double the $48,600 earned on average by oil and gas
workers in Sub-Saharan Africa,” the report said.

Out of a little over 33,000 respondents, 48 percent of them command a
salary of less than 50,000, findings from the survey showed.

It also noted North America’s superiority in wage demand. About 13
percent of them earn $150,000, as against 6.6 percent of the global
average on that bracket.

Oil and Gas Job Search also observed that 45 percent of those who took
their survey, said they had received increased pay since the last
research in 2017.

“45% of oil and gas workers have received salary increases in the past
12 months, and based on the current market, more than three-quarters
of bosses expect salaries to grow in the year ahead, up from
two-thirds in 2017.”

The sample of 33,000 plus respondents in 171 countries, indicated that
logistics and quality assurance, are the list paying job offerings in
the oil and gas industry.

“Reservoir and Petroleum Engineering, Subsea / Pipelines and
Production Management are the most lucrative disciplines in the oil
and gas industry - 29% of employees in these disciplines earn at list
$100,000 per annum, and the average salary in each exceeds £70,000 per
annum. That’s compared to just 17% of employees working in Logistics,
and 18% of those working in Quality Assurance / Quality Control.”

The survey noted as well that there were considerable skills shortages
in the industry, specifically in engineering and design. It observed
that the number of women who filled their questioner, increased by
about 150 percent, from 1,000 to 2,500.

The survey also unearthed that men are 19 times more likely to receive
an annual pay of N150,000 than women, wo are also over-represented in
the lower earnings bracket.

Contrary to beliefs that the petroleum market could be over-supplied
in 2020 – leading to a further depression in prices, the research
publishers say the industry is ‘in vibrant good health’.

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